A Story from Lombok #1: It is worth the trouble :)

Last week I made my “very first” solo travel to the beautiful island of Lombok. Well, this Lombok trip was actually my third solo-travel, yet in fact, it is the furthest and the most intricate one. My first solo-trip was when I was representing my campus on the grand-final round of National Best Student Competition in Jakarta, back in 2011. The second one was when I was volunteering in a national seminar held by Pemburu Beasiswa 2.0 in Universitas Indonesia, Depok, in 2013. At National Best Student Competition, I was lucky enough because the accommodation was fully arranged by the committee, and it’s all for free! As for the PB event, I stayed at my uncle’s house at Depok, a city which I frequently visited, so it’s not really hard for me to get to the venue of the seminar. And, yeah, I got free accommodation, too! XD

But, Lombok is another story!

My acquaintance with Lombok was rather limited. All I knew was that it is such a beautiful island which is now becoming an alternative tourism spot in Indonesia. I really had no idea what place it would be like, what kind of people it would likely have, what kind of foods it might offer, and so forth. Thus, arranging my own itinerary for my first Lombok trip was something really challenging for me.

Living in a millennium era doesn’t necessarily make me a part of millennial generation. I realize that I’m not such a tech-savvy person. While people are now transacting –almost anything- online, I prefer to pay anything on cash. Sounds old-fashioned, huh? But then, arranging my trip to Lombok pushed me to break the mould. I had to book my flights and accommodation online, searched for local transportation information online, and arranged everything related to my conference agenda online. It turns out that online transaction is not as complicated as what I used to think, though.

Travelling all alone to a place I barely know actually frightened me, at first. I couldn’t imagine getting lost and having nobody to help. I’m too scared to even think of a number of possibilities of being stranded in a land of nowhere. (Okay, please forgive my wild imagination XD). But, then, if I didn’t even give it a try, I’d never know what experience I’d encounter there. I don’t want to regret something which I never did just out of my own hesitancy and fear… so finally, I gave it a go!

And turns out, Lombok is just as beautiful as I always hear it to be.

And the people? They are all just beautiful. When I say beautiful, I don’t mean it is their faces which are beautiful. Their souls are. They are such angelic humans on earth. I feel very lucky to meet such a kind-hearted man like Pak Jun, the taxi driver. I feel so blessed to meet such beautiful people like Mbak Dian, Khanh, Puput, Stephanie, and Eucharia in this island, too.

So for all the wonderful experience and kinship I’ve got during my trip to Lombok, I think the intricate journey I went through to get to this island is of nothing to compare.

It is worth the trouble, in the end. 🙂




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